CUGC Alums & Friends
Reunion 2011

We Did It Again!

But with a twist.  We opened up the Reunion to alumni of all of Columbia's singing groups.  And we did it under the auspices of the Alumni Association's newest affinity group: Columbia Alumni Singers.  You can read more about the group here.

We had the same Reunion/Dean's Day Weekend opportunity to get together, relive the old days, rehearse, perform and socialize.  But unlike 2010, we did it all in one day. Rehearsed in the morning.  Performed in the afternoon.  Plus a reception for performers and the audience.

You know what?  We sounded pretty darn good!.

As it turns out, we had registrations from alumni who sang with Bacchantae, Barnard-Columbia Chorus, Barnard Gilbert & Sullivan Society, Clefhangers, Columbia University Glee Club, Gospel Choir, Jubilation, Kingsmen, Metrotones, Non Sequitur and Notes and Keys (both the Glee Club-affiliated Notes and Keys and the post-1989, independent group).

But no alums self-organized to earn separate rehearsal time and a slot on the program.  So we ended up singing as a mass choir and essentially doing a Glee Club program.

We were fortunate once again to have the volunteered services of fellow alums and Glee Clubbers Jerry Weale CC 1957 and Bruce Trinkley CC 1966 to rehearse and direct the singers.  Those two are great!


We also recorded the performance.  Look over on the right there to order your copy.

Plans for 2012 are up in the air for a really good reason.  Columbia Alumni Singers is planning an international tour to Riga, Tallinn and St. Petersburg.  Sign up now to turn next year's vacation into the musical adventure of a lifetime.

Order the CD!

The complete 2011 performance was recorded professionally and is available for sale, shipping by mid-July.

To order, send your shipping address and $20 for each CD to:

Nicholas Rudd
20 Sea Spray Road
Westport, CT 06880

Make your check out to Nick.

Note that the 2011 program is almost identical with last year's Glee Club-only performance.  CDs of that performance are still available, also $20.  If you want to compare the two groups, you can get both for the special price of just $30.
"Lift voices now..."

As a Glee Club alum, you may want to re-acquaint yourself with some of the college songs you sang.

If you sang in the TTBB era, take a look at your part in these SATB arrangements, put together for the Glee Club as it transformed in the 1980's.

As for the Afterglow selections, they're good any time.  Lift your own voice and see how good it makes you feel!